Size Guide 

Bra Sizing

This size guide applies to all House of Satin Classic Bras, Longline Bras and Full Corsellettes.

How to use our Bra Size Guide

Using inches , measure directly under the bust, keeping the tape measure level all the way round, holding the measure firmly to the back. Under bust measurement equals your band size. Measure around the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape measure level all the way around the body. This is your cup size.

Band Size

Cup Measurements










82-84cm (32")

84-86cm (33")

86-88cm (34")

88-90cm (35")

90-92cm (36")

92-94cm (37")

94-97cm (37-38")


87-89cm (34")

89-91cm (35")

91-93cm (36")

93-95cm (37")

95-97cm (38")

97-99cm (39")

99-102cm (39-40")


92-94cm (36")

94-96cm (37")

96-98cm (38")

98-100cm (39")

100-102cm (40")

102-104cm (41")

104-107cm (41-42")


97-99cm (38")

99-101cm (39")

101-103cm (40")

103-105cm (41")

105-107cm (42")

107-110cm (43")

110-112cm (43-44")


102-104cm (40")

104-106cm (41")

106-108cm (42")

108-110cm (43")

110-112cm (44")

112-115cm (45")

115-117cm (45-46")


107-109cm (42")

109-111cm (43")

111-113cm (44")

113-115cm (45")

115-117cm (46")

117-120cm (47")

120-122cm (47-48")

UK Dress Size

This size guide applies to Mini Briefs, Full Briefs, Girdles, Braless Corsellettes, Waist Cinchers, Suspender Belts and Suspender Full Briefs.

UK Dress Size






60cm / 24"

86cm / 34"


66cm / 26"

91cm / 36"


71cm / 28"

96cm / 38"


76cm / 30"

101cm / 40"


81cm / 32"

106cm / 42"


86cm / 34"

111cm / 44"


91cm / 36"

116cm / 46"

Additional Sizing

This size guide applies to our Forever Gatsby Collection and the Lace Robes and Sheer Lace Skirts in our Foundation Lace Collection. 


UK Dress Size









Lingerie Gift Guide

Step 1 – Finding the right size

Bra sizes are depicted by a number and a letter eg. 36C. The number her band size and the letter is her boob size. Finding the correct bra size is a challenging task even for us ladies, so if you cannot ask what size your recipient is the next best way is to look at the size label inside her most recently purchased bra or one that she wears often. You should now have an idea of her current bra size. Briefs and suspender sizes are depicted by a number. Again, if you can’t ask your recipient you will have to check the label in her favourite underwear. This will be the size you will buy in briefs.

House of Satin makes lingerie in bra sizes 32A-42F and briefs and suspenders in sizes 6-18. Please we sell our lingerie in UK sizes if the sizes you have are not UK sizes you will need to use a size conversion chart.

Step 2 – Colour and fabric.

Is there a certain colour or material she loves to wear? Does she like pastel shades? Black lace or loves to lounge in silky satin? If you know her favourites BUY IT! Base your choice on what she loves wearing it will show you have put a lot of thought into her gift and taken interest of what she enjoys wearing. If in doubt always buy black – it’s a colour that is easy to wear and most ladies feel most confident in black.

Satin and lace lingerie is sure to win her heart and we have plenty of styles to choose from!

Step 3 – Complete the set.

You have the bra and brief sorted now to complete the set with a matching suspender belt/girdle and stockings. Suspenders and Girdles are sized in the same way as the briefs.

House of Satin sells sizes 6-18

Step 4 – Gift Wrap

Now you have done the hard bit we will do the rest! House of Satin gift wraps every order in luxury tissue paper, we then put it inside a drawstring bag, box it up and tie it off with a lush satin bow that can be reused as a hair bow or neckerchief. This gift wrap service is complimentary with every House of Satin order.

Hopefully that will of cleared up a few things for you if you are still struggling we are a friendly bunch that love to help, please email and we will do our best to advise you.